Best places to visit in Romania

If you want to spend you dream holiday and you don't know where you should think of Romania. One of the countries with the most varied landforms, ecosystems and climate zones in the world. Although it is a small country, Romania, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Some of these wonderfull places are presented by this site.

If you know a great place and you think it should be visited by people around the world please contact us to so we can offer a wide range of fascinating places in Romania and not only.

We want this site to help you to choose the best location for you. With the hope that we were able to help you choose the best location for your vacation so HAVE FUN!

Most viewed locations
Mud volcanoes
Mud volcanoes are formations created by natural gas from more than 3,000 feet deep, passing through a clay soil, combined with water from groundwater. The gas push to the surface water mixed with clay. [more]
Danube Delta
One of the most complex biodiversity in the world, the Danube Delta is on Romania territory in a rate of 73.7%. The 2540 square kilometers, located on Romanian territory have one of this most important [more]
The Sphinx and The Old Ladies
On the Bucegi Mountains plateau there are some of the most interesting monuments in Romania: The Sphinx and Old Ladies. These are testimonies of wind erosion, which combined with wind intensity, water and frost [more]
If you want to know how Romania was founded since the first century you have to go to make a visit to Sarmizegetusa situated in the Gradistea Muncelului village, Hunedoara region. This was the capital [more]
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